The Greeks (8+)

The Greeks (8+)

A magical three part dance performance based on Greek myths.

Choreographer Duda Paiva interprets three Greek myths through dance and puppetry: King, Nikè and Cyclops. Magical tales of greed, stupidity and entanglement, with gripping, priceless encounters between the dancers and the life-like puppets.

King is the story of a self-indulgent Greek hero who is punished by the gods with insatiable hunger. Driven by gluttony, he devours everything around him, even his own daughter.

Nikè is the goddess of victory. This winged beauty descends into the human realm to award men with glory and fame. To keep the angel here with them, they break her wings and lock her up in a palace, with all its consequences.

Cyclops is a dull-witted giant who is cunningly and ruthlessly duped by the Odysseus and his companion. It is comical as well as cruel to see the dancers grab power and leave the battered colossus behind.



Concept and choreography: Duda Paiva
Dance: Ilija Surla, Ester Natzijl and Tim Velraeds
Music: Wilco Alkema | AudioSmid (Cyclops)
Puppets: Jim Barnard and Duda Paiva
Costumes: Atty Kingma, Marjo van der Pols and Dorine van IJsseldijk
Light: Pink Steenvoorden | Einstein Design
Dramaturgy: Arthur Rosenfeld
Technique: Wilco Alkema, Mark Verhoef and Daniel Patijn

A coproduction with Maas theater en dans.


In the media

Live Like Tom

“The Greeks is a dance triptych that makes you laugh, moves and sometimes even frightens you. And all within one hour!" ”

Elin, youth jury Zapp theater price

"This was a very beautiful dance performance with funny pieces but also very moving at times. It is a performance that can also be very beautiful for adults."

Youth critic Malte

"Beautiful puppets, good interaction, fun for young and old, great humor.”

Annemarie Terhell, Kidsweek ★ ★ ★ ★ ½

“In the enchanting performance The Greeks you sometimes no longer know the difference between puppets and humans. The puppets are made of foam, but look just like living beings.”

Anna, 8 years old

The Greeks is a great performance with dance and beautiful music. The puppets seem to be really alive! I give the performance an 8 out of 10.”

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