Duda Paiva Company makes physical, visual performances with puppets and dance. With his dance partners, cut from flexible foam, Duda Paiva builds an elusive, magical world, sometimes painfully confronting but always with a sense of humor. Duda Paiva Company performs in theaters, at festivals, at indoor and outdoor locations, in The Netherlands and abroad.

Duda Paiva and the Object Score
Duda Paiva Company is formed around the Brazilian-Dutch dancer and puppeteer Duda Paiva. Over the past 15 years, Duda has developed a recognisable signature (Object Score) as a theatre-maker which has not gone unnoticed internationally either. He is therefore a frequently asked coach or director, tutor and performer and plays these three roles worldwide.

Duda Paiva Company produces theatre in which dance and puppetry merge. The manipulating technique, of blowing life into the puppets (sculptures made of foam rubber), is based on the dance movement. From this core, choreography is created for the dancer/moving object and the puppet, which we call the Object Score.