About us

We are Duda Paiva Company:

Duda Paiva artistic direction, Kim Kooiman dramaturgy, Ilija Surla rehearsal director/performer, Josse Vessies performer/new maker, Tim Velraeds performer/maker, Cat Smits performer/maker, Alexander Brouwer performer, André Mello puppets, Wilco Alkema composition/soundscape/video, Mark Verhoef light, Daniel Patijn technic, Ederson Xavier rehearsal director/video, Mirte Droogers publiciteit & marketing, Marijana Mikolcic production, Prisca Maas business. 

The board: Ancella Anssems chairwoman, Mirjam Barendregt treasurer, Leo Spreksel secretary.

Bookings in The Netherlands and Belgium: Mirjam Nebbeling / Frontaal Theaterbureau.

Together we are the face of Duda Paiva Company; not only in productions, but also during tours and overarching activities.

Duda Paiva Company creates performances with dance and puppets. Associative, narrative performances – usually without text – that are performed in theaters, at festivals, indoor and outdoor locations, in the Netherlands and internationally. Performances in which people of different backgrounds, ages and preferences can identify themselves.

Our home city is Amersfoort. We develop our projects in the Laswerkplaats and we present our first try-outs in that space. In the city we work together with cultural organizations and artists.

In the Netherlands but also internationally, it is our ambition to work with dance and puppets in a comprehensive way; as a fully-fledged, theatrical instrument, transcending discipline, not bound by borders or fitting within boxes. Every year our productions cross the border, into the world, on their way to encounters with an as yet unknown audience and unknown makers. For example, with the production ‘Blind’ we managed to make a trip from Melbourne to Wuzhen, from New York to Tokyo.

#poetic #dynamic #brutal #groundbreaking

Duda Paiva Company and the Object Score
© Sander Heezen