Human Phantoms

Human Phantoms

I can resist everything except temptation. – Oscar Wilde

What happens when two people are exposed to a temptation that carries a danger that you cannot see with the naked eye, that you cannot feel or predict? A danger that is liberated by a small and apparently harmless action, but which turns out to have far-reaching consequences. Consequences that are being swept under the rug by those in power. The situation comes to a head and results in a struggle between human curiosity and recklessness, exploring the question of how different we are from lab rats. In this experimental dance theater, the possibilities and limitations of an interplay between puppetry and dance are explored.

This project brought together three people from different countries, who have more in common than their fascination with puppetry and dance. The choreographer / director Duda Paiva is from Goiâna, Brazil, where a serious nuclear disaster took place in 1987. The puppeteer Olga Blank was born in Kazakh Semipalatinsk, close to the Soviet Union’s hot test site where more than 400 nuclear weapons were tested between 1949 and 1989. The puppeteer Luiz Wennmachers grew up in Belgium, close to the nuclear reactor Tihange, the safety of which is now in doubt.



Choreography and direction: Duda Paiva (Duda Paiva Company/NL)
Performance: Olga Blank, Luiz Wennmachers, Robert Risse (Fithe Theatre/BE)
Outside Eye: Kim Kooijman
Dance advise: Julia Tokareva, Alexander Bondarev
Puppet: Piet Wennmachers
Music: Wilco Alkema, Robert Risse
Light design: Robert Risse

© Frank Heller

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30 minuten



Première: 2018