In the beginning there was the word
A scream from the dark ……

In Angel Duda Paiva mixes dance, puppetry and belief into a story of godless love.

A stone grave angel and a tramp, fallen upon hard times, create their own world in a cemetery. In this ambivalent world the angel takes the tramp into a dream in which imagination and reality seem to intermingle, in which existence reveals itself as hell and heaven at the same time.



Concept and performance: Duda Paiva
Direction and text: Paul Selwyn Norton
Puppet: Ulrike Quade
Light design: Bas Vissers, Hans C. Boer
Coach puppetry: Neville Tranter

Angel is produced by Korzo Theater for CaDance 2004 en is and is financially supported by the Fonds Podiumkunsten.

Angel conquered audience’s hearts in France, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Russia, Hungary, Estonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Israel, Austria, Bolivia, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, La Réunion, Canada.



2008 Best interpretation, Lleida [SP]
2007 Best Overall Production, International Teatr Treff Tallinn [EE]
2006 Critics choice FITAZ, La Paz [BO]
2006 Little Prince, Grand Prix Lutke 06, Ljubljana [SL]
2005 Prize from the Polish Artists’ Association for the mastery in animation, Festival Baj Pomorski Torun [PL]
2005 Grand prix en Public award, 6th International Spectaculo Interesse Ostrava [CZ]
2005 Selected for the Dutch Dance Festival


Reactions from the press


"His modern puppetry is magical and immersive. Performer and puppet bother each other, they dance a wild tango and ecstatically make love. Subtly developed is the deeper, underlying theme of the relationship between man and puppet, living creature versus thing."

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