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Bastard! is a free adaptation of French writer and chansonnier Boris Vian’s satirical novel ‘L’arrache-coeur’. Like Boris Vian, who had to invent new words to describe such wild and intriguing adventures, Duda Paiva expands his trademark theatrical language of animated movement, using objects, dance and visuals. Set in a bizarre and grim future, Bastard! brings to life a host of extraordinary characters who help a lost artist on his voyage of self discovery.

Equipe concept, choreography, performer Duda Paiva – direction Paul Selwyn Norton – dramaturgy Jaka Ivanc – soundscape Erikk McKenzie – video Hans C. Boer, Jaka Ivanc – light Mark Verhoef – puppets Duda Paiva, Jim Barnard – costumes Javier Murugarren

“Duda Paiva is creating wonderful magic out of the dump.” Volkskrant NL
“Paiva breathes life and inspiration into his magical creations…..a unqiue niche within the dance” Parool NL

2012 Grand Prix of the audience Kontrapunkt Sczcecin PL
2011 Best Performance Treff Fest Tallinn EE