Fletcher Towel Technique

Warming up the body, loosening the muscles and controlling breath are necessities to manipulate the puppets. Physical training is fundamental for application of the Object Score technique. Duda Paiva uses a combination of several physical training techniques, including Fletcher Towel Technique, Breathing Techniques and Spine Articulation. These techniques make it possible for us to explore and learn to control our bodily possibilities. While training, we wake up our bodies, getting to know it more closely than before.
Fletcher Towel Technique is a complete physical conditioning program developed by Ron Fletcher. The dual emphasis on movement awareness and efficient body mechanics is key to improving posture, alignment and overall body balance. Ron Fletcher, staying true to Pilates’ origins, combining the principles and precision of classic Pilates with his extensive modern dance background. The result is an organic, flowing and artful series of movements, deeply engaging the body, mind and breath.

Breath is very important; it is our key tool to give life to the puppet. Controlling your breath and directing it to any body part you decide to, is also one of the key principles of the Fletcher technique. That’s why the Fletcher technique fits exactly to our needs. Blending Fletcher and puppetry is very useful. We prepare the body to have freedom with the puppet. When your body is locked, your performance has restraints too.