The Object Score techniques involve complete control of your every muscle, starting with the fingertips. To bring your puppet alive, you must insert your hand into its body. Like the syringe of a surgeon, injecting life into the foam.

Focus on your breath and direct the flow of air towards your fingertips. From there it flows further, adding movement to the puppet-body.

Control of the fingertips defines the focus we direct to the puppet. The better you can transpose your breath into the tips of your fingers, the more refined your puppetry will be. The quality of the puppeteer lies in the quality of his hand movements. Through the fingertips the puppeteer defines the focus of the puppet.

Complete control of the muscles in your fingers, takes training. The fingers easily get stiff, causing pain. On top of that comes the weight of the puppet and the continuous movement you will have to maintain, keeping the puppet breathing; keeping it alive.