Countermovement is the key to The Object Score method. It is a specific technique for the performer to keep his own body ‘neutral’ while the puppet is moving. When this level of puppetry is reached, the audience will perceive the puppet as a separate entity with its own free will. To achieve countermovement, the performer initiates every move of the puppet from a neutral position of his own body, thus keeping the focus at all times on the puppet and making himself disappear.

Countermovement demands a shift in the core stability of our body.
The puppeteer transposes movement to the puppet from his own core.

When we work with a puppet we have to go off center with our upper body. Moving it a bit backwards so the puppet comes forward. This means we need to find a new equilibrium. We will have to train being in odd positions.
The puppeteer gives physical space to the puppet; he submits to it, serves it even if this means he has to put his own body in difficult and possibly painful positions. This is the basis for the countermovement technique. To bring the puppet to life, submission and bending your ego is necessary. If a puppeteer controls the technique of countermovement fully, he can play the game of to be seen or not to be seen. The performer creates contrast between himself and the puppet on several levels: breath, speech and body language. But most and foremost: split focus.