Breath sets your body into motion. It is the motor behind every movement. We use the breath to move the puppet. Filling you puppet with air, is the core of the Object Score technique. Think about it: your puppet is made out of foam and air. Letting this air flow through the puppets veins, brings it to life. This flow is what we call: breath.

Without breath your puppet is dead – just as you would be. This is why our first step is focus on the continuity of breath. Easier said than done.

In our exercises we always go from the training of our own body to that of the puppet. In this case, we focus on our breath, transposing it to the puppet. Pay attention to your personal way of breathing: What is the sound of your breath? Do you breath in through the nose or through the mouth? Where does the air go? Can you give conscious direction to the it?

Once the puppeteer learns to control his breath, he can continue to transpose it to his puppet.  The moment the breath appears to be coming from the puppet, its life begins.

© Kim Kooiman