Duda Paiva Company organizes workshops for young and old, for beginners and advanced and in The Netherlands and abroad.

Duda Paiva developed the Object Score. With the Object Score, the dancer develops two patterns of movement: One for the puppet and one for himself, the manipulator. The dancer not only manipulates the puppet by hand. He or she also borrows its entire body in such a way that he may or may not be visible as a performer. This interaction creates the field of tension that brings the puppet to life. The workshop participant learns to develop short choreographic motifs and discovers the possibilities and challenges of the movements of the dancer and those of the puppet. 

For beginners, Duda Paiva Company organizes workshops in which you learn how to bring a simple object to life. The performers of the company give lessons in which a creature or sock is used to create a creature that can move and speak.

Make your own foam puppet
The workshops can be given in combination with the workshop ‘make your own foam puppet’.

Duda Paiva Company gives workshops at schools (from primary schools to dance or theater academies), in theaters, at festivals and in companies.