Sonatinas 4 Feet

Sonatas 4 Feet

Sculptures in motion

Duda Paiva Company’s foam dancers dive in the world of photography and urban dance. Together with Fractal Dance Collective Duda Paiva draws inspiration from Alair Gomes’ work.

Only recently Gomes’ work was discovered by leading art institutions like MoMA in New York and Maisonnette Cartier in Paris. The Brazilian photographer had an extraordinary gift for revealing remarkable details in the chaotic world around him. With his telephoto lens as a weapon and led by desire and curiosity he created perfect sequences of his most important subject: the male body. Gomes did not believe in the unique image, but in sequences: those he could use to create lively and moving sequences. He called the sequences ’Sonatinas’: a ’small sonata’ in musical terms.

Together with Fractal Dance Collective Duda Paiva Company brings a combination of magical foam puppets and acrobatic urban dance for young male bodies and moving sculptures. With photographic elements like focus, perspective and rhythm as a basis. 



Concept: Duda Paiva and Fractal Dance Collective
Direction: Duda Paiva
Choreography: Fractal Dance Collective
Dramaturgy: Kim Kooiman
Light: Mark Verhoef
Music: Wilco Alkema and Zino Ainsley Schat
Puppets: Duda Paiva Atelier
Advising curator photography: Eder Chiodetto

Fractal Dance Collective: Zino Ainsley Schat, Conni Trommlitz and Robert Thomas Villedieu.

© Paul Struijk


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Premiere: 2020