Forgotten Creatures and Lost Causes (6+)

Forgotten Creatures and Lost Causes (6+)

A seriously funny story for everyone from the age of six!

Welcome to Mr Ut’s shop, where special plants and animals come to life. Meet the last Dodo and the magical Thylacine, the curious Rhino and the eager carnivorous plant. Mr Ut loves everything in his shop. That’s why he prefers not to sell anything. Because where are things when they are gone? And what would remain of Mr. Ut if he no longer has his shop?

One day when Mrs. Caterpillar comes to pick up the rent, the till turns out to be empty, but the shop itself is full of valuables. So Mrs. Caterpillar decides to do some research. When she sets her eye on the animals, Mr. Ut must do all he can to save the shop. Fortunately, he is not alone: the animals revolt and the plant comes up with a ruse.

Forgotten Creatures and Lost Causes (6+) is the fourth youth theater performance by Duda Paiva Company and an idea by Tim Velraeds, one of the regular players. Tim is fascinated by animals that have disappeared. The magical world of Duda Paiva Company is the ultimate place to bring those animals and other forgotten things back to life.

In Forgotten Creatures and Lost Causes (6+) Duda Paiva Company lightly shows the connection between man and nature. What role do we play in the world and what choices can we make?

Duda Paiva Company creates visual performances with puppets and dance. In his youth performances, the world that children know from cartoons and games comes to life.

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Made possible in part by the Municipality of Amersfoort, the Performing Arts Fund, the Fentener van Vlissingen Fund and Fonds21. Thanks to the children of primary school De Magneet in Amersfoort!



Director: Duda Paiva
Idea: Tim Velraeds
Performance: Tim Velraeds, Cat Smits, Harriet Stroet, Josje Eijkenboom, Alexander Brouwer (variable cast of two performers)
Dramaturgy: Kim Kooiman
Dolls: André Mello en Duda Paiva
Soundscape: Wilco Alkema
Lighting design: Mark Verhoef
Decor: Daniel Patijn
Costume: Atty Kingma

Photo: Studio Matusiak

Forgotten Creatures and Lost Causes (6+) Duda Paiva

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De wereld van het poppenspel

"Opnieuw een heerlijke, spannende jeugdtheatervoorstelling, waarin een zwaar onderwerp gepresenteerd wordt in een feestelijk, humoristische verpakking."

De wereld van het poppenspel

"Een dynamische voorstelling. In razend tempo wordt getransformeerd van mens tot dier en vice versa. Een transformatie die mogelijk wordt gemaakt door de perfect gemaakte foampoppen en de wijze waarop zij gemanipuleerd kunnen worden. De dodo, hoe hij reageert als hij ineens poten krijgt, de vleesetende plant, die ineens tot leven komt."