DingDong – A terrible happiness | Coproduction with Stichting Stroet

DingDong is a compact relationship fuck-up, Gummbah cartoon and tragedy all in one.

Helga and Peter are a good couple, who live efficiently alongside each other. They are modern, successful and have the idea that they have found the ultimate form of society: their world is “finished”. When Helga begins to ask questions – to herself, about the world in which she lives and about her relationship with Peter – routine love turns into an epileptic machinery.

While Peter and Helga are the devils in their own hell, the puppets are their hesitant, human counterparts. What has been unsaid for a long time now finds its way out in unfiltered images and words.

In DingDong the subconscious fights with the conscious, images with words, civilization with a raw urge to survive and the absurd with reality.



Idea and performance: Harriët Stroet
Direction, text and performance: Ko van den Bosch
Choreography and coaching puppets: Duda Paiva
Text: Rik van den Bos
Stage design: Ascon de Nijs
Dramaturgy: Pol Eggermont
Light: Mark Verhoef
Sound: Wilco Alkema
Technique: Daniel Patijn
Decor: Robin Hooijboer
Puppets: Duda Paiva Atelier (Justyna Bernadetta Banasiak and Tim Velraeds)

A coproduction with Stichting Stroet and Feikes Huis.

DingDong Duda Paiva

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