Children of the Lost Forest (6+) (working title)

Children of the Lost Forest (6+) (working title)

After the success of ‘Forgotten Creatures and Lost Causes’, Duda Paiva Company returns to the theater with a new youth theater performance about animals that disappeared. Duda Paiva’s foam world is the ultimate place to bring them back to life.

There is magic in the rainforest. Everybody knows that. The forest is full of healing plants and whispering trees. The seven-year-old Yara and Barnabé love stories about mysterious creatures that once lived in the forest. Their friend Goyaz knows them all: the dangerous leopard, the curious ant-eater and the fairy-like flies that light the dark forest at night. When the evening comes, the children sneak to the Indios’ camp to hear about the special animals of Amazonia from Goyaz’s family.

But children grow up and lives change. When Yara returns to her country of birth after a long time, the world from her childhood has disappeared. The forest has made way for a plantation and on the site of her childhood home is now a large farm. The farmer that lives there cultivates only one species: the cacao tree. Where are the animals that used to live in this area? And where are Yara’s friends? When Yara knocks on the farm door angrily, her old friend Barnabé opens.

Like in every Duda Paiva performance nothing is as it seems. While Barnabé proudly explains how you make chocolate out of a cacao bean, Yara finds out where all the disappeared animals were hiding. The tree turns out to be the bark of a magical tree, the lamp above is filled with fireflies. Even the vacuum cleaner turns out to be a living creature.

“Duda Paiva Company makes visual performances with puppets and dance. In the youth performances, the world that children know from cartoons and games comes to life.”

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Date City Venue
26/03/23 Amersfoort De Lieve Vrouw


27/03/23 Amersfoort De Lieve Vrouw
28/03/23 Amersfoort De Lieve Vrouw