Bruce Marie

Bruce Marie

“You can’t go back and you can’t stand still,
if the thunder won’t get you, the lightning will.”
(The Wheel, Grateful Dead)

Somewhere in a big city are an ex-lab monkey with undiscovered superpowers and a retired drag queen. The monkey Muffin tries to attract the attention of inattentive by-passers with her singing skills. Her owner Bruce has placed all his hopes on the young and lively Muffin: he himself misses the glory days of when he was ‘Marie’ and had the feeling of a beautiful, graceful, comfortable body.

What if you were allowed to design a completely new body for yourself? Would it still be human? In his new solo, Duda Paiva dives into transhumanism, which brings the option of an eternal life terrifyingly close. ‘Bruce Marie’ is inspired by an unstoppable reality. A performance about vulnerability and the struggle to survive in uncertain times. In this dancing stand-up with sharp dialogues and daring choreographies between performer and puppets, Paiva shows all facets of his unparalleled talent.

With his unique manipulation technique the Object Score, Duda Paiva knows how to make foam sculptures come to life. His multidisciplinary puppetry is virtuoso and humorous, but also critical. With his dance partners, cut from flexible foam, Paiva builds elusive and magical worlds.


Concept and direction: Duda Paiva
Final direction: Neville Tranter
Direction assistant: Josje Eikenboom
Dramaturgy: Kim Kooiman
Tekst: Tjeerd Posthuma
Songwriter/compositions: Flip Noorman
Sound design: Wilco Alkema
Light design: Mark Verhoef
Scenery and costume: Tessa Verbei
Publicity: Mirte Droogers
Production: Marijana Mikolcic

© Anouk van Kalmthout