Break a Ball

Break a Ball

It was love at first sight between Porshia and dancer Duda Paiva. Fifteen years ago Paiva’s passion for foam figures started with her. Since then he has been working with various sculptures that he brings to life through his special manipulation technique: the choreography of dancer and object. The puppets form the magical bridge between performer and audience.

As an ode to Porshia La Belle Duda Paiva Company brings Break a Ball. With the best of the past fifteen years and brand-new acts!

Step into the whirling show world of Porshia La Belle, in which everything is allowed and everything is possible. In her ‘House of Splendour’ the masterly and beloved Porshia collects her eccentric little angels. It’s a colorful collection of creatures; from human disco ball to frivolous love dolls. They all have one thing in common: they are the outsiders of the society. In Break a Ball they seize the opportunity to escape reality. Prepare for a surrealistic and vogue-like show!

Break a Ball is inspired by the artistic freedom of the Ball Culture, with catwalks, urban dance, show, singing and attitude. MC Porshia motivates and stimulates her little angels to show that side of themselves that they have kept hidden their whole lives. The result: one sparkling party!



Concept and choreography: Duda Paiva
Dramaturgy: Kim Kooiman
Dancers: Wensley Piqué, Alexander Brouwer and Raoni Saleh or Sam Eggenhuizen, Matija Franjes and Josje Eijkenboom
Music: Wilco Alkema
Light: Mark Verhoef
Puppets: Duda Paiva Atelier
Costumes: Aziz Bekkaoui

© Paulina Matusiak en Eddy Wenting


Date Country City Productie Venue Ticket
Sat 16/05/20 NL Apeldoorn Break a Ball Maaiveld festival Cancelled


Indoor and outdoor

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Premiere: 2020