Avatāra (working title)

Avatāra (working title) | Co-production with Illusionary Rockaz Company

In this special co-production by master puppeteer Duda Paiva and acclaimed choreographer Shailesh Bahoran, worlds collide. The public is part of a fascinating journey along impressive views of the Brazilian and Indian culture, walk through mysterious landscapes between heaven and earth, and meet travel companions that are both man and god. Together we discover that new encounters can lead to something that is more than a sum: a collision of existing elements that generates enough power to breathe life into something that did not exist yet.

In an optimistic and powerful performance in which dance and puppetry blend, Shailesh and Duda examine the tension between men and gods. Do gods breath life into people or is it man that creates gods? What is the hidden power of symbolism? What influence do collisions in the past have on the way we perceive gods? In this co-production, we look for answers in an interesting mirroring between the artificial humanity of puppets and the created mechanical movement of the dance language popping.

In Avatāra, Shailesh and Duda reference the anime and comics culture, full of super heroes and supernatural powers. In both the Brazilian and the Indian religious culture a prominent place is reserved for demigods, gods of nature and impressive adventures that would not look out of place in epic stories by, for example, Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto), Marvel or Tolkien.

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