Sail – The storm called life

A young woman sails alone over the ocean. She sails away from her busy life. Away from rules, routines, political issues and worries. With the boat as her home and only possession she moves into a wide blue world filled with beauty. This is a world where she’s on her own, with and against the elements. The sea is a powerful goddess with unexpected traits. Will this sailor ever return home?

Sail is a performance about escapism, and about the confrontation with mortality, dreams and regrets once that escape began.

Sail is a coproduction of PLAY Productions and Duda Paiva Company.

PLAY Productions makes cross-over performances with film and theatre. The makers create an intense theatrical experience based on current issues.
Duda Paiva Company makes theatre with dance and puppets. The company builds magical worlds, sometimes painfully confrontational, but always with a sense of humour.

18/01/2019 Amsterdam Bijlmer Parktheater 
25/01/2019 Eindhoven Pand-P
31/01/2019 Den Haag Branoul
01/02/2019 Den Haag Branoul
10/02/2019 Noorwegen Vinterlys Festival
16/02/2019 Amsterdam Pop Arts Festival
17/02/2019 Amsterdam Pop Arts Festival
01/06/2019 Almere KAF Theater