• DPC

“My creations are telling stories about people, their dreams, their fears and their search for love. They are about their struggle with the world around them and how they find a way out. The stories I tell from dance in cross over with objects. By the abstraction of dance and the realism of the object I create a magical world where everything is possible; we lift the poetic imagination to a new and unpredictable level.  ” Duda Paiva

Duda Paiva directed pieces at Nuku theatre, Tallinn EE – Detox the Dummy, Sofia Puppet Theatre BG – Holy, Saarbrücken Staatsballet DE – the Garden, Bialystok Teater Lalek – Façade, SI – Love dolls, cia Pequod BR – um Braille, Mauricio Oliveira & Saimeses BR– Screaming Object, Nigredo, Albedo, Divaldo Ostrava CZ – Marvin

In 2015 Duda Paiva is one of the 2 theatre makers who are invited to add their flavour of puppetry to Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville -Mézières FR. Duda Paiva invited Cie Pequod and Mauricio d’ Oliveira from Brazil, the Ostrava Puppet Theatre from Czech Republic with Marvin a piece directed by Paiva and Mischa van Dullemen.  Together with the Czech photographer Petr Kurecka he made the calendar of the festival Puppet Fiction.