“One of the best puppeteers of this moment in Holland. …In Morningstar is the contrast between human and puppet is intriguingly small…..A fascinating play with text, music and above all movement.”
Vrij Nederland

What do you do when the place where you are, turns out to be a den of iniquity. Are you going to destroy it or would you rather play the mad mentor and build your very own weapon for mass production. A devil-made-care for all occasions!

Made by concept, puppets, performance Duda Paiva – direction, text Paul Selwyn Norton  – coach puppetry Neville Tranter  – decor Edwin Kolpa  – light design Hanc C. Boervideo Linhares Junior  –  songs Theo Nijland

A co production with Korzo Theater . Financially supported by Amsterdam Funds for Performing Arts, VSB Funds , Funds Performing Arts NL/FAPK and Dutch Embassies in Europe.

2007 František Řezníček Public Award  festival Spectaculo Interesse Ostrava [Polen]
2006 Baj Tomorski Torún [Polen] van de Polish Actors Association best animation and best actor