Duda Paiva Company creates physical and visual performances at the crossroads of dance, puppetry and multimedia. With his dance partners, carved from flexible foam, Duda Paiva creates unique, elusive, magical, sometimes painful worlds, always touched by a sense of humour.

We present our productons in theatres, at festivals, inside or outside, all over the world. Our audience are adults, young people and children.

The people
Duda Paiva – artistic director, maker, performer, puppet design
Hans Christian Boer – light and video design, technique
Mark Verhoef – light design, technique
Wilco Alkema – sound and video design,  technique
Daniel Patijn – technique
Marijana Mikolcic – production
Mirte Droogers – marketing and communication
Prisca Maas – producer

In each project we collaborate with theatre makers, performers, dancers, singers, designers and technicians

dancers / performers / singers
Ester Natzijl – Ilija Surla – Augusto Valença – Mart Müürisepp – Tim Velraeds – Cat Smits – Josse Vessies – Francesca Lanza – Alexander Brouwer

Nancy Black – Neville Tranter – Paul Selwyn Norton

Alfred van der Meulen [Greeks]

Kim Kooiman – Nienke Rooijakkers – Jaka Ivanc

puppet makers
Evandro Serodio – Jim Barnard – Andre Mello

Machtelt Halewijn [costume] – Andre Mello [decor] – Atty Kingma [costume] – Sally Pittman [costume]

Sander Heezen – Petr Kurecka – Jaka Ivanc